Valley of Winston Salem Offers Exceptional Business Setting

Valley of Winston-Salem is basically a city located in North Carolina, USA. It is the first largest city in North Carolina and the second largest municipality in Piedmont Triad areas. Winston-Salem serves as home to the tallest building in 100 North Main Street called the Wells Fargo Center. It is known as the Twin City because of its dual heritage. It is also called the City of Arts and Innovation because of its commitment to theatre, technological research and fine arts. The city is also called the.
Camel City because of its historic involvement in the tobacco industry. The traditional furniture companies in the Valley of Winston-Salem are also popular throughout the world. Looking into the above description of different trades and businesses being carried out in Winston-Salem since a very long time, it can rightly be said that this area offers one of the best entrepreneurial settings.

Winston-Salem- A Booming Entrepreneurial District

There are a number of companies that exist in the Valley of Winston-Salem offering great scopes of employment to people coming to Winston-Salem from different parts of the world. The fine city has the headquarters of some of the most popular businesses in North Carolina and these include Piedmont Airlines. Krispy Kreme, Bennett Bottling Company, Wachovia Bank, Texas Pete, Shell Oil and McLean Trucking Company. In the present times, there are a number of nationally acclaimed companies that have their corporate headquarters in Winston-Salem. Some of these companies include Wachovia, Hanes Brands, Reynolds American, Lowes Food Stores and TW Garner Food Company. There were a number of towns in this city that were associated with the industry of tobacco but they have branched out in the present times to include medical and high technology providers.

Business Structures in Winston-Salem

In the present times, healthcare is one of the largest industries in Winston-Salem. Apart from this, there are educational, retail trade and manufacturing services also available throughout the region. There are some excellent buildings found across the region. At present, home to Womble Carlyle and Wells Fargo, there are several well-known business areas that have come up with multi-tenant buildings strategically located in the downtown regions. There are some of the best architectural creations that consist of innumerable floors featuring more than four-hundred thousand square feet of quality space.

Tourist Locations and Large Businesses Abound in Winston-Salem

Several cosmopolitan and beautifully decorated downtown regions of the Valley of Winston-Salem are found surrounded by different cafes, restaurants and stores attracting daily visitors. Winston-Salem is, at present, a city with different areas boasting large businesses along with tourist locations. The tourist locations in Winston-Salem are places where families can visit every year and have the best site of historical venues, adventurous activities and fine arts. Apart from being a business centre, Winston-Salem also offers some of the best tourist attractions offering exclusive exhibits to visitors all round the year. Learning opportunities, historical districts and a very wide assortment of industry experts make the Valley of Winston Salem one of the greatest places to visit, live or settle down for business.